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(Here's an audio welcome message for you)

Make sure you have a serious look at all the free stuff inside 'The Martial Arts Vault'!

Dear Martial Arts Friend!

Let me start off with a little confession. I don't know it all! Yes, that's right, I'm not even going to pretend to be something remotely close to a Mr. Know-It-All. You will find them all over the Net, but not here. I hope that is a good thing?

In fact there are lots of things that I don't know about these magnificent arts; even if I've been doing this for about 30 odd years. What strikes me more than anything is how much there is to learn!

My art is primarily ju jitsu, but this is not a site about that particular art - this is a place devoted to all arts - large or small, well known or lesser known, "hard" or "soft", old or new.

Be it self-defense (or -defence as you would say in Great Britain), various traditional budo arts or modern mixed arts, weapon arts or weponless arts, arts for the adults or for the younger children, training for fitness, fun or competiton..

Eventually I hope to have it all covered here. You see, Personally I find it rather tiring to search all over the place for information and resources about teaching, training, testing, learning, building and maintaining. So I thought to myself: Why not put it up here, and let others also participate and benefit?

While speaking about "it all": Why not have a look at our site map, to see how things are structured around here?

Naturally, this site is a way to promote some of our own stuff also (e-books etc.). Yet, more than anything it is a way to give back some of the things I have learned from all these great masters, teachers, colleagues, students, friends and partners throughout the years. In many ways this is my way of saying thank you to (literally) thousands of great people.

Please understand that English is not my native tongue. If I write something that sounds strange or outright crazy - it may be my feeble take on humor. Or it may simply be my bad, "Norwenglish" (a native mix of Norwegian and English) spelling shining through. I will thank anyone that care enough to correct me, helping me improve!

Also you may find the odd mistake regarding the various arts, techniques, times, names, places and people; misspellings, mistakes and so on. Again I will correct anything that you can point out to be incorrect or untrue. I gather you will forgive me for sometimes mixing "proper" English, with "American" English :-) Sometimes this mix is intentional - like blending self-defense with self-defence.

Apart from that, do give me feedback about your biggest wishes and outright needs! I promise to do everything in my power to make your stay here as fun, educational and perhaps also even profitable as possible. Above anything else, keep on working towards your goals, whatever they may be!

Sincerely, Torbjorn Arntsen

Signature, Torbjorn Arntsen


The latest martial arts news from around the world.

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Street Fight Uncaged

This is serious stuff indeed ... a good addition to any style of martial art.

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