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Feel like learning the e-way?:

Martial arts e-learning is an expression for various shorter (or longer) special reports and courses that are being delivered in electronic form. For our purpose here this will indicate being sent to you in installments by e-mail. E-learning can also be done through a web interface of course.

Side note: Make sure you check out all the free stuff inside 'The Martial Arts Vault' when you're finished having a look at this page!

So, what sort of martial arts e-learning am I talking about? The "E-way or the Freeway?" :-) Well actually it's both. It's free in the sense that you don't have to invest anything but your time. And yes, it's "e-way", sent by e-mail to you at given intervals.

what I had in mind was giving you the chance to receive first and foremost some practical tips on self-defense. There will be two of those courses: "Self Defense for Women" and "Self Defense". The first one is directly targeted towards girls and women, as well as those who teaches this subject.

Then I had in mind a "Basic Conflict Management Primer". I think this could be interesting given this is what I do for a living - teaching conflict management skills to professionals within health care, public service, transport, security etc. You will find that this is very close to the area of self-defense, raising a child, succeeding in business and more! Why? Because it is all based on communication, empathy, psychology, physiology, strategy, tactics, methodology, self-awareness, and basic awareness. It is a huge field, and naturally we can only touch the basics here!

Anything more martial arts e-learning you say? Well, what about the issue of teaching and learning martial arts? Great, you say - I thought so :-)

All this will take time, and I can not and will not promise any specific date. If it's one thing I hate it is not delivering something that is being promised. So you have to bear with me - things will come in due time. One step at the time (the only way to walk as far as I know).

Here's an idea... In order to help me out, why don't you use the form below to send me suggestions on what kind of martial arts e-learning courses you would like to see. Also include some specific things you'd like to know more about - that would be nice! No, it will be better than nice (nice is to nice a word here). It would be really great! A tip on what the perfect interval for you would be (one every 3 days, one per week...) would be helpful to know about also.

The more specific you are, the better for me; the more input you give, the better; the more you keep pushing, the better! Send that info several times - get on my nerves :-) It is not a must that you send me suggestions, the courses will come eventually. But if I know exactly what you want, how much you want it, and why you want it, I will be pushed to start working on in to a greater extent. So there you have it... Martial Arts E-learning - "The E-Way Freeway to developing insights about the Warrior Path"!

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