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There's truly an abundance of martial arts magazines covering the many sides of armed and unarmed combat: competitions, budo, history, tradition, philosophy, culture, people, schools, arts, training, fitness, weapons, self-defense, self improvement, psychology, stress management, school business and more.

As far as I can see there are publications and periodicals covering almost any imaginable art, from the very well known to the more obscure, from the modern to the ancient ones. You have martial arts magazines and publications which are competition and sports-orientated, as well as those which deals with anything but the sports side. Some are more geared towards self-defense, and others are covering more of the philosophical and historical ground.

As you will see you will be hard pressed not to find something that will be of interest to you - a martial arts periodical that can be motivating as well as educational.

Take the time to visit some of the many budo magazines and publications! Most of them are online, and I can almost guarantee you that you will find at least one that fits many of your specific needs. All links will open in a new browser window. Finally, if you know know of a budo, self-defence or martial arts magazine, periodical or publication that is not listed here, then please: Let me know, an I'll add it as soon as possible! All languages are of interest...

 Here are the addresses to some Martial Arts Periodicals:

Action Martial Arts Magazine

Aiki News (Japanese)

Aikido Journal

Aikido Today Magazine

Australasian Taekwondo Magazine

Black Belt Magazine

Blitz Martial Arts Magazine

Bushido Online Magazine

Classical Fighting Arts

Combat Magazine

Electronic Journals of MA and Sciences

Fight Times

Fighter Magazine (Nordic)

Fighters Magazine

Furyu Online Budo Journal

Inside Kung Fu Magazine

International Kickboxer

Karate Bushido (French)

Knockout Magazine - K.O. (Norwegian)

Kungfu Magazine

Michi Online

Shiai Magazine

TaeKwonDo Times

Tai Chi Magazine

The Wold of Judo Magazine

Wing Chun Teahouse Magazine

World Martial Arts Information Center

Didn't find what you were looking for? Remember that you also can use Google to search for more martial arts magazines.





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