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Looking  at the art of defending oneself!

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Use this page as your starting point for all topics that are related to the broader issue of self-defense and protecting yourself as well as others from harm. We will discuss the various sides of personal protection for both genders, men and women. We will discuss martial arts for self-defence (yes, I know it is spelled defense in the US :) - and how it relates to children, disabled, elderly persons and so on.

Side note: Before you read on, do make sure you have a look at all the free stuff inside 'The Martial Arts Vault'!

You will find links to books, videos (DVD's) on the topic of taking care of yourself, articles from different sources, as well as links to other selfdefense sites and resources on the topic.

Interesting self-defense stories:

Tales and reports ranging from the strangely successful antics, to the really wild -- from the untalented, to the really talented -- from the "close, but no cigar", to the "full Monty". You will find them all here: Interesting Self-Defense Stories.

Research and news about violence - causes and effects:

On this page: Research and News About Violence you will find various studies, news briefs, books etc. about this important topic. Not that Martial Arts is all about understanding and dealing with violence - far from it. But to many it is an integral part of the arts: From dealing with physical and emotional scars to confronting physical, sexual, psychological and verbal violence.

Self-defense news:

From time to time there are interesting things in the media regarding the act of taking care of oneself. Naturally we try to bring these news to you, and you may read them here: Self Defense News.

Self-defense for women:

Many people argue that seldefense aimed at women in some respects needs to be different than the one aimed at men. And why is that? Because the structures, methods and roles may differ greatly. Also many women have a different view on violence and their ability to defend themselves than what men in general have. On this page: Self-Defense for Women we will discuss these issues, present books, courses, discuss techniques and more.

The A-Z of defending yourself:

On the following page (self-defense in brief) you will find the many topics and words that are "floating around". Basically it's a "what's in a word" kind of page. You will be able to read a little about what awareness, takedowns, restraint, tail-gating, hit and run, MO and much, much more mean. How does all this tie into the greater scheme of things, and how can you utilize it and learn more about it?

Self-defense books:

Well, I guess this one kind of speaks for itself? Books, booklets of all kinds that is about selfdefense in one way or another. You will find pure manuals on physical methods, as well as books on strategy, tactics, awareness and so on. Click here to go to this page!

Self-protection products:

It will eventually be presented different products that are aimed at training for self-protection or indeed defending yourself in real-life. Naturally you will find links to sellers of such products. Do bear in mind that the law differs from place to place (even from one state to another within the USA)! There's no guarantee on my behalf that a given product will be legal to buy, obtain or use where you live. Whenever in doubt, always contact you local authorities and police!

Self-defence schools, systems, courses and seminars:

 On one hand you have the typical martial arts school or institute (which we will cover other places). Some of these will provide you with rock-solid self-defense tactics and classes; Others will have seminars on the topic from time to time.

 Then there is the more typical (and modern) self defense institute or school. There are lots of them around - offering regular classes and teaching, seminars etc. The object here is to give you background into the stuff that's out there, so that you can make a choice that is beneficial for you!

Missing anything?:

 Missing anything? Naturally, since I'm not a Mr. Know-it-all, I'd love to hear from you regarding tips, tricks, resources, seminars, books, DVD's, schools and so an and so forth! Don't be shy - help and be helped!

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